Pioneer Workshop on Toyota Kata


On 7 May 2013, a workshop on Toyota Kata (TK) was held by Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) Centre for Corporate Learning (CCL). Singapore Workforce Development Agency is the supporting partner for this workshop. This is the final part of the Lean Journey. 35 participants from different industries and across levels attended the workshop. The workshop aimed to help executives and seniors leaders in manufacturing and services have a shift in mindset through deliberate practice, and to develop a culture of sustained continuous improvement and enhanced competitive advantage.

The introductory workshop provided participants with a basic understanding to two fundamental behaviour patterns at the core of the Toyota Kata methodology, namely, the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata. Kata refers to a routine being practiced which will eventually lead to becoming a habit, and constant practice enables people to be more comfortable in the learning zone. This management system helps teams to achieve objectives in a more productive way, and turns managers into coaches who create skills. 

Beth Carrington guiding participants in the hands-on activities 

Each team focused on the challenge given and started practicing

The one-day workshop was carried out by providing participants with hands-on practice , with guidance from the speaker Beth Carrington, a consultant and coach for 13 years. The activities were carried out through role-play; a team of seven participants will rotate among the roles, namely the coach, learner, time keeper, supervisor and manager. Every participant will get a chance to be the coach and be coached by the other team members. The approach taken is a step-by-step and repeated practice routine, as it is said that behaviour is built by habits.

Interactive in-class activities were carried out to develop individual’s coaching skills

Activities were carried out through role-play, the learner will follow the instructions given by the coach

This pioneer workshop has brought satisfaction among the participants, whom many of them has no or little knowledge of Toyota Kata before the workshop. The workshop engages critical thinking and personal reflection; comparing the current way of working and the vision with the implementation of TK at work.

“I have never expected to solve a problem in this manner. The workshop taught a new management concept which is very different from traditional methods that I am exposed to. Throughout the workshop, I was constantly thinking of ideas to implement the new methodology into my company” shared Mr. Allan Lim, Deputy GM of Spinn Ptd Ltd.

Mr. Sean Shao, Regional Lean Six Sigma Manager of Fuji Xerox had prior knowledge of TK before attending the workshop. “The workshop reinforced my knowledge of TK, and should be introduced to Asia. The workshop was a good reflection of what I previously learnt, and this can be applied practically,” said Mr. Shao.

This is an informative workshop which has helped to boost my confidence level in completing challenges faced in different work situations. It is a proven methodology which we will definitely implement in the company “said Pauline Soh from Wow Education.

Participants had an informative and pleasurable experience at the workshop on Toyota Kata


At the end of the workshop, all participants were awarded with a certificate of participation