China Petrochemical Industry Conference 2013


In a joint collaboration with China National Chemical Research Centre, the Singapore Manufacturing Federation’s (SMF) Energy & Chemicals Industry Group have brought together more than 100 thought leaders and decision makers at the China Petrochemical Industry Conference 2013 (CPIC 2013), with the objective to increase collaborations through ramping up efforts on trade and business partnerships so as to emerge even stronger in the petrochemical industry.

Panel of VIPs (from left to right): Mr Lam Joon Khoi, Secretary-General, SMF; Mr Terence Koh, Executive Director of Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC); Ms Grace Zeng, Deputy Managing Director of CNCIC; Mr Jiang Xinmin, Deputy Director of Centre for Energy Economics & Development Strategy Energy Research Institute, NDRC of China; Mr Chau Tak Vui, Managing Director of McKinn International Pte Ltd 

Held at Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore on 18th April 2013, CPIC 2013 provided a platform for the exchange of views between the pertrochemical industries from Singapore, China and other countries within the region. In doing so, participants were given a chance to gain a deeper appreciation of the latest issues and developments in the China petrochemical industry. 

 Mr Brendan Wauters, Chairman of SMF Energy & Chemicals Industry Group, delivering an opening speech to the audience.

“The objective is to share development prospects and cooperation opportunities with the petrochemical industry in China during the twelfth Five-Year-Plan period. I hope that the conference will be a high-end platform for the exchange of views between petrochemical industries in China, Singapore and Southeast Asia,” shared Mr Brendan Wauters, Chairman of SMF Energy & Chemicals Industry Group, President & CEO of Senoko Energy Pte Ltd, before starting the session with a keynote speech.

The session attracted big petrochemical players from 8 countries, including Eastman Chemical Ltd, The Chemical Daily, Sembcorp Industries Ltd, The Catalyst Group and Nippon Concept Singapore Pte Ltd. Topics covered included the economic development and main drivers of China’s economy in 2012, followed by a general forecast of the China economy for the year of 2013. Key industries such as the Olefin industry, Polyolefins Industry, Nature Gas Industry were also highlighted. The speakers enriched the sessions with driving forces analysis, development trends as well as prognosis for future development opportunities.

The panel of speakers accompanied by the moderator Mr Tay Kin Bee, Honorary Chairman of Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC), ready for the Q&A session.

Participants were then led to a Q&A session, where queries were facilitated by moderator Mr Tay Kin Bee, Honorary Chairman, Singapore Chemical Industry Council. Following this, they enjoyed a sumptuous lunch.

The second half of the session began with a presentation of the Petrochemical trades between China and Major ASEAN Countries. Participants were introduced to a comprehensive export and import analysis, regulation and policy analysis. This was followed by a discussion of the impact of external environmental and economic conditions on the trades. The outlook of petrochemical trades between China and ASEAN were outlined as well, so as to incite the interest of the participants on future trading opportunities.

In an attempt to further pique the interest of the participants, opportunities and challenges of the Chemicals and Petrochemical industry were highlighted, the means to manage the risk and deliver growth were thoroughly analysed as well.
The final part of the session which included a Q&A segment, was moderated by Mr Chan Hock Lye, COO, Sibelco Asia Pte Ltd, where participants were able to address their final queries pertaining to the sector.

Rounding the session off, Miss Grace Zeng, Deputy Managing Director, China National Chemical Information Centre delivered the closing remarks, and encouraged participants to pursue their business aspirations in the region.

Ms Grace Zeng, Deputy Managing Director of CNCIC, gave a rousing closing remark and thanked the participants for their attendance.

“CPIC offers a good opportunity for business networking with industrial players. Our company is one of the most active Singapore chemical distributors in China, and as China is the largest chemical producing and consuming country in the world, it is essential to keep abreast of the latest developments in the petrochemical industry in China. CPIC also provides the ride avenue to meet this objective,” shared Mr Chau Tak Vui, Managing Director of McKinn International Pte Ltd, a fellow supporter of the CPIC events for two consecutive years.