Industry groups

Our Industry Groupings

SMF members come from a spectrum of industries in the manufacturing or manufacturing-related sectors. To better understand and serve the diverse needs and interests of our members, they are categorised into 10 industry groups. The four key industry-centered activities include:

  • Enhancing business capabilities and networks
  • Representing industries' interests in Singapore and overseas
  • Sharing business information among the private and public sectors
  • Expanding market horizons through exhibitions, trade missions and fairs

The 10 industry groups are as follows:

  1. Building Products and Construction Materials

    The Building Products and Construction Materials (BPCM) Industry Group promotes the interests of members in the building and construction materials industry by informing on government legislation, enhancing networking opportunities and forming strategic alliances to help members achieve economies of scale.
  2. Electrical, Electronics and Allied Industries

    The Electrical, Electronics and Allied Industries (EEAI) Industry Group, as the largest IG due to the multifarious interests of its members, is divided into four Sub-Industry Groups (Sub-IGs). Each Sub-IG oversees the interests of its members in computing, telecommunications, IT, electrical and electronic products and industries supporting these businesses.
  3. Energy & Chemicals

    The Energy & Chemicals (E&C) was established to represent and promote interest of the growing energy and chemicals industry. It serves members along the energy supply chain such as manufacturing and trading of petroleum products, industrial oils, greases and gases, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals, drilling rig machinery & equipment and re-conditioning, repair & maintenance services, logistics and oil brokering
  4. Food & Beverage

    The Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry Group represents members on issues where collective representation is effective and desirable. It discusses key issues and provides vital information and networking opportunities for members in the F&B retail industry. It also promotes the local F&B retial industry and helps members regionalise and exploit new growth opportunities.
  5. Life Sciences

    As the fourth pillar of Singapore's manufacturing sector, the Life Sciences (LS) Industry Group promotes and facilitatesthe growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore. It discusses and comments on regulatory issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry, and co-ordinates and undertakes studies to identify new products and market opportunities.
  6. Lifestyle

    The Lifestyle Industry Group (LFS) acts as the representative voice for the lifestyle industry, its suppliers and customers. It is also active in promoting the Singapore lifestyle industries and services, both locally and internationally, through trade missions and exhibitions, and networking sessions.
  7. Medical Technology

    The Medical Technology Industry Group (MT) comprises of leading MNCs and SMEs in the medical technology and supporting industries. It serves the industry and related organisations engaged in medical devices, equipment, instrument, diagnostics and implantables by providing a vital forum to advance the intersts of the industry, thereby benefiting its members.
  8. Metal, Machinery and Engineering

    The Metal, Machinery and Engineering (MME) Industry Group focuses its efforts on discussing alient issues, updating on market trends and providing networking opportunities to members via factory visits, talks by industry experts and social activities.
  9. Packaging Council of Singapore

    The Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS) acts as a catalyst of growth in the Singapore's packaging industry. It fosters co-operation between local and foreign packaging-related organisations, voices the industry's view on environmental issues, updates on the latest trends and promotes product quality, environmental protection and consumer satisfaction.
  10. Smart Automation

    Formerly know as the Automation Technology Industry Group (ATIG), it  was formed in June 2000 to assist and benefit companies in the automation sector. Through partnerships and collaborations with the government and other key stakeholders, members are informed of the latest technologies and business opportunities.