Centres of Excellence

Our Centres of Excellence

To supplement the activities and events staged to enhance members' knowledge and expertise, SMF also operates  fives Centres of Excellence to impart specific skills and competencies to members. These centres are: 

  1. SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (SMF CCL)

    SMF CCL, the preferred corporate training and development centre, reaches out to companies and individuals beyond the manufacturing industry, and conducts more than 400 training programmes and trains over 10,000 people annually. SMF CCL is an accredited public Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and a program partner by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG). SMF CCL actively collaborates with government agencies and has established training centres to deliver nationwide quality programmes. 

  1. GS1 Singapore Limited

    GS1 Singapore Limited is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1987 to implement and administer an international article numbering system (GS1 System) in Singapore. It has also been appointed by GS1 Global Office to be the sole representative of EPCglobal Inc. in Singapore and is the only organisation authorised to provide EPCglobal Services to companies in Singapore. GS1 Singapore Limited also promotes Electronic Commerce using GS1 XML Standard which is an efficient business tool for the automatic transmission of commercial data from one computer system to another directly.  More than 1 million businesses use GS1 Barcodes in more than 150 countries every day.

  1. SME Centre@SMF

    SME Centre@SMF, supported by SPRING Singapore, was established in May 2005 as a subsidiary of SMF. SME Centre@SMF provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with easy access to business advisory services to help them start, sustain and grow their businesses. The one-stop SME Centre's services include business diagnosis, information on government schemes and capability workshops.

  2. SME Centre@SMF, in collaboration with the North West Community Development Council (CDC) and South West Community Development Council (CDC) established the satellite centres SME Centre@NorthWest and SME Centre@SouthWest .  The satellite centres, situated at North West CDC at Woodlands Civic Centre and at South West CDC at JTC Summit, provide a holistic offering of business advisory services. This includes facilitation on one-on-one advisory on government schemes, outreach workshops, employment placement services and facilitated corporate social responsibility initiatives. The network of SME Centres is also supported by SPRING Singapore.
  1. SMF Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO)

    SMF-SDO is supported by SPRING Singapore and endorsed by the Standards Council to manage the development, promotion and implementation of standards and to participate in relevant international standardization activities for four Standards Committees as follows:

    • Biomedical & Health Standards Committee (BHSC)

    • Food Standards Committee (FSC)

    • Manufacturing Standards Committee (MSC)

    • Quality & Safety Standards Committee (QSSC)

  2. Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute (SiPi)

    SiPi is a knowledge enterprise that champions manufacturing excellence through innovation and productivity for Singapore’s manufacturing sector. Its key functions include providing productivity resources and customised roadmapping/ coaching support to help enterprises implement their specific productivity roadmaps. SiPi also undertakes research and benchmarking to steer industry development, and collaborates closely with the local government agencies, industry experts, academia and overseas institutes to develop tools, case studies, and localise best practices. 

  3. Singapore PMC Certification Pte. Ltd.

    Singapore PMC Certification Pte. Ltd.'s mission is to promote and advance the professionalism of management consulting by having in place internationally recognised and valued standards of performance and conduct for our certified practising management consultants. In essence, its objectives are:

    • To raise the stature, professionalism and standards of management consulting practices
    • To implement, manage, promote and administer certification schemes for practising management consultants
    • To organise, promote and support activities that facilitate the professional development of practising management consultants


  1. Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Singapore

    EEN Singapore is a consortium comprising Singapore Manufacturing Federation, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) Singapore, formed in June 2015. It is a national initiative looking to promote businesses, technology and research collaborations between Singapore and European companies through business matchings.


    • Promote strategic business partnerships among EU and Singapore companies
    • Organise business matching and trade exhibitions to/from Europe
    • Organise business matching sessions between Singapore companies and incoming European mission delegates
    • Publishing Singapore companies’ profiles into EEN Singapore’s database
    • Seminars and outreach events to create awareness of EEN Singapore among the business community
    • Matching Singapore companies’ proposal with the opportunities in the Partnering Opportunity Database (POD)
    • Connect Singapore companies to EU