RFID Asia 2013


On 25th April 2013, Mr. Johnny Ang, Assistant Director of GS1 Singapore, gave a talk titled ‘Discover the benefits of RFID tagging in inventory management’ at R.F.I.D World Asia 2013, which was held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Hall. 

Mr. Johnny Ang, Assistant Director of GS1 Singapore, giving a talk on RFID in retail.

He gave an overview on what GS1 does, and shared how GS1 has contributed to the Healthcare and Transport and Logistics sectors. He then elaborated on where GS1 helps in the different sectors today. This includes the verification of areas such as food traceability in China, food allergens in Australia and authentication in Hong Kong.

Mr. Ang then went on to introduce two case studies in Japan. The first case study was on inventory management in apparel. He highlighted the problems of high labour and rental costs in manufacturing factories to retail shops and gave a viable solution to these problems. The solution given was to have a GS1 standard and EPC/RFID chip embedded which would effectively reduce labour and cost, as well as to improve on-shelf availability and improve customer service.

The second case study focuses on asset management in fresh food. Mr. Ang addressed the problem of missing trolleys creating extra costs and delays in Kibun Fresh Systems Inc at major distribution centres. The solutions given were to have a GS1 standard and EPC/RFID tag encoded GRAI, which would similarly reduce labour and cost, and improve Quality of Logistics and record purchase information and usage frequency.
Furthermore, to allow participants to have a clearer view on the benefits of RFID in the retail industry, Mr. Ang showed a video featuring a retail outlet in Japan, which has incorporated RFID technology into their retail outlets.

To end off the session, Mr. Ang gave a summary on how global standards adoption helps to boost business confidence and drive growth, reduce costs and drive supply chain efficiencies, enhances traceability and recall of products efficiently, enables interoperability between all stakeholders, drives supply chain visibility and improved transparency. He concluded that collaboration is critical to create more efficient, safer and sustainable value chains.

In addition, Mr. Ang also moderated the ‘Achieving agility and flexibility in your end to end supply chain’ seminar, together with a list of panelists which comprised of Arif Sheikh, CEO, Entertainment World Developers Limited, Williem Van Wky, Group Supply Chain Development Manager, Dairy Farm International Group, and Dheeraj Dogra, National Director-Retail, BNP Paribus Real Estate & Infrastructure Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Johnny Ang moderating the ‘Achieving agility and flexibility in your end to end supply chain’ seminar.