Life Sciences (LS) Industry Group

About Life Sciences Industry Group

The Life Sciences industry in Singapore has been growing rapidly worldwide. With the successful mapping of the human genome in 2000 and many other amazing discoveries, Life Sciences have emerged as the new wave in scientific and technological innovations. The Singapore government hopes to make this industry the fourth pillar of Singapore's manufacturing sector after electronics, chemicals and engineering. Thus, the Life Sciences Industry Group (LSIG) hopes to grow the sector with more membership drives and dialogues.

Objective of  LSIG

The LSIG aims to be the representative communication platform for the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore and between Singapore with the foreign countries for encouraging and facilitating the conduct of research and studies which will serve to identify opportunities, projects or products for complementation in the pharmaceutical industries.

LSIG Committee Structure


LSIG key Main Committee Members

(Term: 2016 - 2018)


For information or enquiries on LSIG, plese contact

LSIG Secretariat - Ms Cherie Ong at:

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Office DID: 6826 3039.